At Raynes Park High School we understand that the move to secondary school can be a daunting and overwhelming one. To support you and your child in preparing for the move to secondary school, we have an induction programme of events to ensure that the move to Raynes Park High School is successful. We have a dedicated transition team and pastoral team whose main 

priority is student wellbeing, getting to know your child's interests and talents and ensuring that your child settles well into Raynes Park High School. Please find an outline of our upcoming transition events below, all of which are in place to ensure that you and your child have a great start with us. We can't wait to welcome you to our school.

Transition Saturday - 21st May 2022

We begin our transition process with our Year 6 Transition Morning.  This is a very important event to attend as students will be doing CAT Tests (Cognitive Ability Tests) to help with the allocation of tutor groups.

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Family Interviews -
6th & 7th June 2022

We will be holding family interviews in June to allow us to learn more about your child and how they are feeling about the transition to secondary school.  It will also provide another opportunity for you and your child to ask any questions you may have.  Individual appointments will be sent out to you nearer the time.

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Induction Day -
Wednesday 6th July 2022

Induction Day is when Year 6 students will experience their first day at High School.  This is an exciting day when your child will experience a range of lessons and begin to make new friends.  Students should arrive in the main hall by 8.40am and the day will end at 2.45pm.

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Parent/Carer Afternoon - Wednesday 6th July

We invite you to attend our Parent/Carer afternoon which will begin at 2pm.  This will be an opportunity for you to meet with your child's Tutor for the first time.

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Summer School - Monday 25th to Friday 29th July

One week of activities at Raynes Park High School in order to support the students with transition into secondary school and for the students to start making new friendships and getting to know the school campus and different members of staff.


First Day of School - Friday 2nd September 2022

Year 7 students start school before other year groups in order to give them the opportunity to settle into the routine of secondary school before other students return. There will be activities in tutor time and lessons throughout the first week to build friendships, set expectations and ensure that students make a great start.

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Team Building Day

Date TBC

The 'Problem Solving Company' will deliver an exciting day of teambuilding activities to our new Year 7s on our sports ground (weather dependant). This day is always very well-received by students and promises to be great fun, as well as working on key skills such as teamwork, agility and logic.

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Parent/Carer Evenings

First term

Your first parent/carer evening will give you the opportunity to meet with each of your child's teachers, meet with your child's tutor again and discuss how they are settling into secondary school. These parents evenings will continue throughout your time at Raynes Park High School in order to support and monitor your child's academic progress and emotional wellbeing.

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