Committed to Excellence:

high aspirations, high motivation & high achievement for all

We are delighted to welcome you and your son/daughter to Raynes Park High School. Moving up to secondary school is a momentous event and it is our aim to make this transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible through strong partnerships with parents and carers.


Raynes Park High School prides itself on academic, sporting and creative activities, nurturing the talents and skills of each individual student. We are committed to excellence and our core purpose is to create an inclusive community of successful learners, developing resilient, respectful young people who make exceptional progress, achieve to their highest potential and pursue their ambitions. My unrelenting focus is to provide the best possible educational experience for our students within a well-ordered and purposeful learning environment. Our ethos for learning and achievement is based on exceptional teaching, a challenging curriculum and high standards of behaviour. Through a culture of ambition and success, everyone at RPHS is driven towards continuous self and school improvement.

We hope that this will be the start of a long, happy association with our school, and we look forward to meeting you at our transition events.

Mrs K. Heard



The Core Purpose of Raynes Park High School is to create an inclusive community of successful learners.


Our ethos is based upon the ‘3 Rs’, which encapsulate everything we strive towards:

Mutual understanding and respect is at the heart of the Raynes Park High School ethos. All members of the school community know that their behaviours have an effect on their own learning and that of others. Participation in extra-curricular activities and house events instil teamwork and build a sense of pride. Being honest, considerate and inclusive helps to build a productive and harmonious learning environment.

There is more to education than exams, and emotional wellbeing and mental health is key to achieving excellence in all areas of school life. Through a strong pastoral team and home/school partnership, students are supported to become confident, happy, lifelong learners. Teachers are committed to challenging students to persevere and achieve their full potential, regardless of ability or background.

We strive for excellence in all that we do. Staff celebrate positive school achievement, as well as students’ involvement the wider community. Through quality teaching, extra-curricular opportunities and pastoral focus, Raynes Park High School prepares students to become responsible, resilient citizens who positively contribute to society.



The First 'Welcome'

June, 1935

On June 12th, 1935, the newly established Governing Body of Raynes Park County School for Boys - due to open in September of that year - appointed John Garrett, an Oxford graduate and an Assistant Master at Whitgirl School to be the school’s first Headmaster. John Garrett’s first contact with the boys was on September 19th, though by that time he had been busying himself organising his newly built but not-quite-finished school for some weeks. This was his first Headmastership, and it appears that he was as nervous as many of the boys on the first day. Turning to one of his new members of Staff and commenting, “I think I am going to be sick”, he mounted the steps of the stage and addressed the boys;

My first words from this platform can hardly be other than to welcome you all very sincerely as members of Raynes Park County School. This is a unique experience for all of us and one unlikely to be repeated. It is conceivable that we may find ourselves in other schools but never shall we have again quite the thrill of starting a new school from scratch. As I have watched this school get ready for you, and as I have been working here alone during this week, I have thought I was living through a period of prelude to adventure. And now the prelude is completed and the adventure begins, and in this adventure we all share. [...] From the very beginning I want you to regard your school as a place to which you like to come, and in whose kindly walls you like to linger. We shall have failed you and you will have failed your school if you regard it as a place to which you come at 9 o’clock under compulsion, and from which you race away at the earliest opportunity. What is more, you will handicap my colleagues on the staff in all that they want to do for you, and all the avenues of interest to which they want to introduce you.

Having thus raised their hopes and interests, he informed them that lessons would begin the next day. One boy is reported as having gone home and cried since he had not been able to start his lessons there and then.



I am very pleased that our recent Ofsted report has recognised the excellent work going on at RPHS.  The inspectors noted that we have continued to drive improvement across the school and maintained the good quality of education since our previous inspection in October 2015.  The report highlights many key strengths of our school; we are particularly proud that the inspectors described RPHS as "a welcoming, purposeful and sociable centre of learning" where teachers have high expectations for pupils' levels of attentiveness and the quality of their work.

“Strong leadership has maintained the good quality of education at the school since the previous inspection”

“Leaders carefully plan a curriculum so that individual students study subjects and gain qualifications that match their career aspirations Students are well prepared for the next stages of their education and employment.”

“Teachers convey their strong subject knowledge confidently and enthusiastically.  Students are motivated and keen to learn”

“There is a well-organised, thorough approach to safeguarding students across the school.  Students feel safe in the school and are alert to contemporary risks because of the guidance they receive.”

“The support for students with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), and for those who speak English as an additional language, is a strength of the school.  Students receive personalised, intensive support so they achieve well.”

“Leaders value highly their communications and contact with parents. “

“Students told inspectors they feel safe in school.  They know from the earliest stages of being in school that there is a range of adults they can go to if they have any worries.  Students are very confident that any problems will be resolved.”

“Students have excellent attitudes to their studies.  They are confident, ambitious and articulate.”