What Should I Do If...?

I get lost: You will get a school map when you start in September to help you find your way round the site. Always ask another student or a member of staff to help you find where you need to get to.

I’m late for a lesson: Apologise to the teacher for being late; you will probably only be late at first as you will soon find your way around.

I forget to top up my lunch money: Speak to a teacher in the canteen; you will not go without lunch but you must pay any money owed back the next day.

I forget/lose my planner: Speak to your Form Tutor. If you have lost your planner, you will be able to buy a new one on SCOPay for £5.

I fall out with my friends: Talk to your Form Tutor first and see if you can resolve the difficulties together. Sometimes talking things through will help improve the situation.

I feel like I'm being bullied: Talk to your Form Tutor first and they will refer the issue to your Head of Year.

I feel unwell in lessons: If you are feeling really unwell, please let your teacher know. They will check whether you need to be sent home or whether you can stay in lessons.

I need the toilet during lessons: If it is an emergency, ask the teacher if they will allow you to leave the lesson with an Out of Lesson pass. Leaving the lesson to go to toilet isn’t usually permitted unless you have a recognised medical condition.

I can’t do my homework: Always find the teacher that has set you the homework and ask them to explain it to you again. Don’t leave it until the last minute; remember to do this before it is due in. Remember that there are Homework Clubs you can attend if you need extra help with your homework or a quiet place to work.

I lose my bus pass: Report this to your Form Tutor; they may have had it handed in. If not, we will ensure that you have enough money to get home.

I feel too ill to go to school: Your parent/carer should call the school on the first day of absence to report the reason for you not being in school. Remember to bring in a letter on your return and give this to your Form Tutor.


I need to leave the school for an appointment: There may be occasions where you will need to leave the site before the end of the day; please go to the Attendance Office first to receive a permission slip and then show this to the Receptionist as you leave.

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