There are a wide range of extra-curricular clubs for students to take part in at Raynes Park High School before school, at break, at lunchtime and after school. There are also a number of opportunities for students to contribute to the school and wider community and this will help them to develop their leadership skills, such as;

• Posts of Responsibility e.g. Form Captain, Sports Captain
• Inter-house events
• Educational visits
• Local and national competitions
• Extra-Curricular Clubs

Our full Enrichment timetable is distributed to students and put on the website at the start of each term. These activities can include:

• Art & Photography

• Badminton

• Ball Boy/Girl Training

• Basketball

• Breakfast Club

• Volleyball

• Choir

• Cooking

• Cricket

• Dance

• Drama (House Plays and School Plays)

• Football

• Hockey

• Homework Club

• Jack Petchey "Speak Out" Challenge

• Netball

• Table Tennis

• Tennis

• Trampolining

Enrichment Week takes place for the whole school at the end of the Summer Term in which all students have the opportunity to take part in at least one school trip and one school based activity. These include India and china themed days in school - and trips to central London and Box Hill. At this time most Year 7 students go on a team building residential trip. We also run the Duke of Edinburgh scheme for KS4 students.

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House System

Students have many opportunities to develop their personalities and extend their skills in extra-curricular activities with their House. There are a wide range of inter-House activities such as sports competitions and events to raise money for House Charities. These events happen throughout the year and can include art, music, drama, sport and technology. You gain points for your House through participating in the House events and performing well academically via the reward system. Through these events, students gain a great deal both socially and personally and we find that a sense of loyalty and commitment to the House is fostered. Each student is assigned to one of four Houses: Gibbs, Halliwells, Miltons and Newsoms, named after some of the school's original Housemasters.

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Head of House: Ms Finan


"Miltons is built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect; students are extremely proud to be a member of the Miltons family and there is a strong sense of community. Miltons is a diverse house where difference is celebrated and students are encouraged to relish in their array of talents.."



HOUSE CUP  Dec. 2017


Head of House: Mr Liyanage


"In Gibbs, our strong sense of community and true integrity means we are able to achieve with class. Gibbs House members are constantly striving for excellence, arriving to school with a positive mindset and challenging themselves to attempt new tasks and make progress in all subjects."





Head of House: Ms Burkin


"I believe the main strength Halliwells students consistently demonstrate is the natural ability to give peer support and respect. There are endless positive role models emerging from this talented House who successfully inspire our younger pupils."





Head of House:

Ms Fowler


"Our house is grounded in the idea of family and belonging, where each student feels comfortable and confident enough to push themselves to achieve their potential. We show respect and resilience in everything we do, pushing through challenges to be the best version of ourselves possible."





Student Leadership

At RPHS we really value the opinions of our students and greatly appreciate the varied leadership qualities that are displayed by so many within our school community.

Our Student Voice system runs through every aspect of our school and provides a platform for all opinions to be heard, creating a real vehicle of change at RPHS.

A Head Boy and Head Girl from Year 11 is voted into office each year by their peers in the main school. Other roles within the system include House Captains, House Leaders and Prefects.

We believe our students have a great deal to offer with regards to the direction and leadership of our school and our Student Voice team motivates and inspires all to fulfill their potential, in all aspects of their school life. If you believe you have the skills and the determination to be part of exciting change at RPHS, then please put yourself forward for one of the student leadership positions across the school.

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Educational Visits

We believe that school visits are an important enhancement to the curriculum and we endeavour to make as many  opportunities available to our students as possible, both as part of a broad and balanced curriculum, and as additional optional activities. Where the trip is an optional extra then we will make a charge for that activity. For other activities, we may ask for voluntary contributions from parents. In all cases, trips may have to be cancelled or changed if  insufficient contributions are received. We would not wish to prevent students from taking part in cases of real financial hardship. Please do not hesitate to contact the School Business Manager if you wish to discuss this.


Careers Education

The Careers Department at Raynes Park High School is committed to promoting a career development culture by providing access to careers information, advice and guidance to students and careers education to help them build the skills they will need for working life.


Careers Education is delivered at key points to all year groups through Learning for Life lessons, assemblies, drop down days and in subject lessons. Information, advice and guidance is available to all students, to enable them to make decisions about their education and careers choices.

Face-to-face guidance interviews are provided to all Year 10 students.  Following the interview a written action plan will be produced and shared with the student, their parents and their tutor. Appointments with the independent careers adviser are also available at Year 9-13 parent evenings.  Many students have additional interviews in Year 11 as they make important decisions about their next steps.  In addition, all students in our Sixth Form will have at least one interview.

Careers Resources are provided to all students and we recommend that all students access 'Start Profile' which has a profiling tool that suggests suitable occupations. Students can also use this website to find up-to-date information about any occupation of interest and career routes, including which subjects might be essential to study. Students are supported in using this tool in Learning for Life lessons and in their career guidance interviews.

Open days and apprenticeship vacancies are shared to students via their tutors and the careers noticeboards. We also regularly notify parents of any suitable opportunities for their child.

Employer and alumni speakers are invited to visit us throughout the year to speak about the world of work in assemblies, lessons or drop-down days to give students an insight into the opportunities available in the current labour market.

The RPHS Aspirations Fair is our annual careers and opportunities fair. Approximately forty representatives from employment or further study are involved and students have the opportunity to discuss careers or pathways. We ensure that all pathways are covered so that students can find out about apprenticeships, employment, gap years and graduate schemes plus further and higher education.

Work Experience. All students in Year 10 visit at least one workplace linked to an area of study.  In addition, all students in Year 12 complete a week of work experience, to develop a greater understanding of the world of work and identify the links between the skills used and developed in school, and those necessary in the workplace. Following the week’s placement, students are given opportunities to reflect and evaluate their own experience and development.


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